AdvaStim’s IPG Technology

A faster track to prototype devices for newer clinical indications

AdvaStim’s implantable pulse generator (IPG) technology is based on our integrated ASICoreTM VLSI-based ASIC chip architecture and our ASIControlTM embedded software. This combination allows for the application of innovative stimulation algorithms to potentially mitigate the effects of neural adaptation. Our technology provides groundbreaking capabilities to shape the stimulation field and provide variable penetration of charge to neural tissue.

ASICore logo master Revised 2 blue fade 2 smallerASICoreTM is AdvaStim’s sophisticated custom chip architecture providing access to multi-channel switching, user-defined output energy algorithms and external sensor data. Its range of capabilities and compact form factor can allow for a new generation of smaller, more flexible and customizable IPGs.

ASICore’s features include:

  • Constant current amplitudes for charge balanced monophasic or charge injected biphasic waveforms (cathodic and anodic pulse delivery with dynamic charge balancing)
  • Independent control of pulse phase parameters
  • 32 programmable electrode selection
  • Multi-channel current sources
  • Pulse rates up to 10,000 Hz (available with charge injected biphasic waveform)
  • Advanced modulation modes

ASIControl logo master Revised 2 blue fade 2 smallerASIControlTM is AdvaStim’s embedded software providing therapy developers with extraordinary customization of output energy parameters. ASIControl allows for:

  • Modulation of current amplitude, pulse duration, pulse rate
  • Multi-channel delivery: simultaneous, sequential, independent pulse rate
  • Transition between parameters through step, linear (i.e. ramp), or random variation of modulation

AdvXstim 2084 prototype cropped