Intellectual Property

Over the past two decades, AdvaStim’s executives have developed a significant body of intellectual property in a number of key areas of neurostimulation, including:


  • implantable wireless therapy systems,
  • integrated switching circuits and pulse generators,
  • novel neurostimulator leads,
  • pulse parameter control, and
  • power transfer optimization.

In addition, AdvaStim, Inc. was recently awarded a patent for its wireless neurostimulation technology (US 8, 663, 202 B2 Wireless Remote Neurostimulator). This novel neurostimulator/lead system incorporates a wireless interface for power and communications, eliminating the need for an integral leaded wire to be connected to the stimulator through the vertebrae, typical of current technology. This new platform, which provides a tissue interface between the pulse generator and the lead, can potentially reduce lead complications since the lead is physically separated from the pulse generator.

AdvaStim is committed to the further development of novel neurostimulation technology for its IP portfolio.