AdvaStim-X™ Neurosystems Design and Development

AdvaStim X logo master blue Website logoAdvaStim-XTM neurosystems combine AdvaStim’s ASICoreTM and ASIControlTM feature set with the expertise of world-class strategic partnerships for the design and development of complete therapeutic systems.AdvXstim Xternal Stimulator

Xternal stimulator testing
AdvaStim’s Xternal Stimulator System is a unique, self-contained benchtop system for the rapid simulation of IPG output regimes. This new developer’s tool is ideal for evaluating advanced platform technology and features an integrated hardware and software package for prototype experimentation and animal testing.

Xperimental implantable devices
AdvaStim can also produce fully assembled active implantable devices to meet client research requirements for an advanced technology platform suitable for early-stage, in-vivo evaluations. These custom engineered systems incorporate scalable ASICoreTM architecture driven by our embedded ASIControlTM software.

AdvaStim’s team approach connects your project with career professionals who have domain expertise in implantable product design and development. And our established network of medical device designers and engineers means that we can assist emerging therapy developers achieve a total systems solution in months, rather than years.