Opportunities for New Neurostim Product Development

image048AdvaStim’s ASIC technology offers a range of therapy and product development benefits for developers of existing and emerging neurostim products. Custom ASIC development typically requires many months or even years. Costs can easily reach millions of dollars in research time and materials. AdvaStim’s ASIC architecture, combined with software and firmware, can lower the risk of development and result in enhanced features like signal sensing, detection and improved therapies.

Our ASIC technologies have an operational feature set that is highly flexible and can be utilized to extend the life of existing product lines, or to rapidly and cost-effectively develop novel therapies. Emerging clinical indications where our technology may be applied include:

  • Deep Brain Stimulation for obesity, stroke recovery and depression,
  • Cortical Stimulation for epilepsy,
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for migraine and extremity pain,
  • Carotid Artery and Sinus Stimulation for hypertension, and
  • Hypoglossal and Phrenic Nerve Stimulation for sleep apnea.

image027Our ASICoreTM designs are scaleable up to and beyond 32 channels for developers of devices for deep brain stimulation and the treatment of complex pain syndromes. Our ASIControlTM software gives you complete control over current amplitude, pulse duration, pulse rate and pulse phase.

For more application specific information on how AdvaStim’s ASIC designs can help with your existing or future neurostimulation therapies, contact us at info@advastim.com. Our goal is to help bring your product vision to reality.