Evergreen Medical Technologies Announces Collaboration with AdvaStim to Develop Next-Generation Neuromodulation Therapy Devices

June 2, 2015

SAINT PAUL, Minnesota, June 2, 2015:  Evergreen Medical Technologies today announced a collaboration agreement to design and develop next-generation, implantable neuromodulation therapy devices using Evergreen’s implantable device capabilities, combined with AdvaStim’s neuromodulation ASICoreTM and ASIControlTM technology platforms. Evergreen Medical Technologies,, designs, develops and manufactures class II/III active implantable devices/systems. AdvaStim, Inc.,, is a leading developer of advanced technology platforms for neuromodulation therapies.

“Implantable therapy developers are increasingly looking for more compact, more flexible and more capable therapeutic systems,” said Randy Nelson, President of Evergreen Medical systems. “AdvaStim’s custom ASIC platform architecture allows for a new generation of smaller, more flexible and customizable IPGs, giving therapy developers expanded options for treatment.

“This new collaboration agreement allows Evergreen to expand our portfolio of services to the medical device community. It also builds on a pre-existing relationship formed over several decades in the active implantable device field with Larry Derose, Co-Founder and CEO of AdvaStim,” continued Nelson. “We look forward to working together with the AdvaStim team to advance the state-of-the-art in implantable therapy devices for newer clinical indications.”

About Evergreen Medical Technologies
Evergreen Medical Technologies designs, develops and manufacture’s class II/III active implantable devices/systems including neurostimulators, pacemakers, defibrillators, and LVADs. The company also develops and manufactures catheters, implant and delivery tools, guidewires, steerable sheaths and other intravascular devices. Clinical applications include cardiac, vascular, neuromodulation, movement disorders, gastroenterology and nephrology. Evergreen brings a deep understanding of clinical conditions to each product development project and works in a collaborative, team-oriented manner to insure projects are completed on time and on budget.

PhysioTest, subsidiary of Evergreen Medical, is an independent test laboratory for the reliability and durability testing of critical medical devices. The company conducts tests for companies during device development, for submission to regulatory authorities (Design Verification Testing), and throughout the market cycle of a device. PhysioTest also develops tests to verify unique device requirements that a company may have and will also work with device companies to determine appropriate tests for their devices.

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About AdvaStim, Inc.
AdvaStim is a leading developer of advanced technology systems for neuromodulation therapy developers.  Established in 2012 by founder and CEO Laurence Derose and co-founder and CTO Barry Yomtov, AdvaStim is addressing the multi-billion dollar neurostimulation market with a disruptive hardware/software platform to help emerging device companies effectively implement the next generation of implantable device therapeutics. AdvaStim’s ASICoreTM technology is a state-of-the-art, VLSI-based chip architecture providing groundbreaking capabilities for multi-channel switching and electrode programming, all adaptable to the industry’s shrinking form factors. AdvaStim’s ASIControlTM embedded software gives therapy developers complete customization of output parameters for advanced waveform modes. These technologies give neurostimulator therapy developers a trusted domestic source to bring their imagined therapy solutions to reality.

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