AdvaStim Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio with New Neurostimulation Patent

February 17, 2015

Integrated Switching Circuit and Pulse Generator Patent Advances AdvaStim’s Technology Aimed at Targeted Neurostimulation Therapies

BEVERLY, Mass., February 17, 2015: AdvaStim, Inc.,, a leading developer of advanced technology platforms for neuromodulation therapies, announced today that the Company was issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office titled US 8, 948, 880 B2 Integrated switching circuit and pulse generator in a neurostimulator lead. This new patent further expands on AdvaStim’s 2014 patent for a neurostimulator/lead system.

“This important new patent further strengthens our intellectual property portfolio at the technological frontier of neurostimulation,” said Laurence Derose, CEO and Co-founder of AdvaStim. “This can potentially open up new avenues and approaches for targeted neurostimulation therapies.”

“Integrating the pulse generator circuitry with a dense array of electrodes in a single compact lead can improve power efficiency and potentially improve the reliability of an implantable neurostimulator device,” said Barry Yomtov, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of AdvaStim. “This technology can also provide neurostimulation therapy developers with enhanced flexibility to position devices where needed within the body and help further the next generation of therapy options.”

About AdvaStim, Inc.
AdvaStim is addressing the multi-billion dollar neurostimulation market with a disruptive hardware/software technology platform to help emerging device companies effectively implement the next generation of implantable device therapeutics. AdvaStim’s ASICoreTM technology is a state-of-the-art, VLSI-based chip architecture providing groundbreaking capabilities for multi-channel switching and electrode programming, all adaptable to the industry’s shrinking form factors. AdvaStim’s ASIControlTM embedded software gives therapy developers complete customization of output parameters for advanced waveform modes. These technologies give neurostimulator therapy developers a trusted domestic source to bring their imagined therapy solutions to reality.

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