AdvaStim Enters Neuromodulation Device Market

April 23, 2014

AdvaStim’s novel hardware and software platform gives developers capabilities to address current and emerging clinical indications.

BEVERLY, Mass., April 23, 2014:  AdvaStim, Inc.,, a leading developer of advanced technology platforms for neuromodulation therapies, announced today that the Company has entered the research and development market with a new hardware/software solution for neuromodulation therapy developers.

“AdvaStim was formed to address the multi-billion-dollar neurostimulation market with a hardware and software platform to help device companies and clinician researchers develop the next generation of implantable therapeutics,” said Laurence Derose, Founder of AdvaStim.

“Our Implantable Pulse Generator technology was designed to accommodate a variety of existing and emerging clinical indications,” continued Derose. “It offers developers complete independent control over waveform current, duration, rate and phase characteristics. And, the system architecture is modular, providing a building-block approach for easy customization.”

AdvaStim’s pulse generator technology is based on the Company’s VLSI-based ASICoreTM chip architecture, along with its ASIControlTM embedded software. This combination allows for a broad range of stimulation algorithms that can deliver variable penetration of charge to a volume of neural tissue.

AdvaStim’s ASICore chip architecture allows for multi-channel switching, user-defined output energy algorithms and external sensor data. Its compact form factor can help enable a new generation of smaller, more flexible and customizable IPGs.

AdvaStim’s ASIControl embedded software gives therapy developers a dramatically enhanced range of output energy parameters. It controls modulation of current amplitude and pulse duration, and allows for multi-channel delivery of simultaneous, sequential or independent pulse rates.

“AdvaStim’s technology gives therapy developers new capabilities to shape the stimulation field and provides tools to allow them to explore the issue of neural adaptation,” stated Barry Yomtov, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of AdvaStim. “Our technology gives developers a cost-effective platform for future growth and a faster track to prototype new therapy devices.”

About AdvaStim, Inc.
AdvaStim is addressing the neurostimulation market with a disruptive hardware/software technology platform to help emerging device companies implement the next generation of implantable device therapeutics. AdvaStim’s ASICoreTM technology is a state-of-the-art, VLSI-based chip architecture providing groundbreaking capabilities for multi-channel switching and electrode programming, all adaptable to the industry’s shrinking form factors. AdvaStim’s ASIControlTM embedded software gives therapy developers complete customization of output parameters for advanced waveform modes. For more information, visit